Das Boat

Lincoln Boat

I remember my wife and I enjoying the end of our walks, sitting there, watching this peaceful landscape. At the the end of the Lincoln Road, in Miami,…

She waits

She waits

South and Lonely

Lonely South

Tower Bridge


I love urban landscapes, I’m specially attracted by those you see in almost every movie, the ones that allow you to quickly know where something is happening. Tower…

Via delle Sette Sale

Path to Michelangelo


Arco di Settimio Severo

London - The Queen's Walk 2

Big Ben’s Time

Nap in Rome


Returning from The Catacombs of Saint Sebastian, we went visit Circus of Maxentius (a well-preserved Roman circus with imposing towers, set in lush countryside on the ancient Via…

Half Tower

Half Tower

I was traveling from Champ de Mars to Montmartre to meet Sacré-Cœur, the subway crossed the Seine river through a bridge, and let us see the Eiffel Tower…

God at St Peters

Light from Light

Miami - Port

Shipping Colours

NYC from Ellis Island